Alliance of Health Insurers Urges CMS Not to Cut Medicare Advantage

The Alliance of Health Insurers (AHI) recently urged the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to reconsider deep cuts to the Medicare Advantage program which CMS had proposed. If the cuts take effect, AHI expressed concern that over 608,000 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in Wisconsin alone will experience major premium increases and lose many of the important services they have come to rely on, increasing out-of-pocket costs and reducing services for Wisconsin seniors.

Medicare Advantage has seen a strong increase in enrollees over the last few years. Next year, Medicare Advantage enrollees are predicted to outnumber the enrollees in traditional Fee-for-Service Medicare. In addition, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries save nearly $2,000 a year compared to those enrolled in traditional Medicare.

Click here to read AHI’s memo to CMS.