About AHI

About AHI

About the Alliance of Health Insurers

The Alliance of Health Insurers, U.A. (AHI) is a nonprofit state trade advocacy organization created in 2012 to promote essential and effective health insurance industry regulations that serve to foster innovation, eliminate waste, and protect Wisconsin health care consumers.

AHI has a diverse, broad-based membership. It is made up of eight member health insurers including companies with large national footprints as well as members that operate mostly or only in Wisconsin.

Collectively, AHI member companies employ over 16,000 people in Wisconsin and maintain business offices located throughout the state. Its member companies provide health care coverage to roughly 2.5 million residents in large group, small group, or individual commercial market plans. In addition, AHI member companies provide managed care services to over one million participants in Wisconsin’s Medical Assistance programs.

Generally, the Alliance of Health Insurers promotes policies that foster an efficient, cost-effective and competitive state insurance marketplace. We will work to ensure that any reforms are implemented in a way that serves to maintain consumers’ control over health insurance purchasing decisions and medical care. AHI member companies are interested in working with policymakers and engaging stakeholders to develop sustainable healthcare solutions for Wisconsin.

Given Wisconsin is recognized as having one of the most competitive commercial markets in the nation, AHI intends to be a positive influence in building on our state’s tradition of being a good place to buy quality health care coverage. With numerous challenges and opportunities ahead, AHI looks forward to working with policymakers, regulators and stakeholders to support and maintain our vibrant Wisconsin health insurance marketplace.