Insurers Respond to COVID-19

Wisconsin health insurers are committed to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. Various companies providing health insurance to Wisconsinites have already taken actions like waiving coronavirus testing costs and related treatment.

AnthemMolina Healthcare, and United HealthCare, the nation’s largest insurer, have waived all patient out-of-pocket costs related to COVID-19, in addition to their initial waivers of member costs associated with coronavirus testing. Similarly, WPS Health Insurance is waiving cost-sharing for testing, waiving prior authorization requirements and covering with no out-of-pocket costs testing and associated provider visits for both in-network and out-of-network providers. These insurers are also expanding and encouraging telehealth in response to COVID-19.

In addition, many companies are providing new benefits to their employees in response to the pandemic. For example, Centene is expanding its Medical Reserve Leave policy to allow clinical staff to serve patients in their communities.