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Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates

AHI Supports Family Care Reform

In his biennial budget bill proposal, Governor Walker recommends a complete reform of the Family Care program that will integrate medical care with Long Term Supports and Services and ensure all Family Care services are available throughout Wisconsin, if approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Specifically, AHI supports the proposal as a means to:

  1. Enhance the quality of long-term services to the affected population.
  2. Improve access to long-term services throughout Wisconsin.
  3. Promote efficiencies in the provision of acute and long-term services.
  4. Maintain person-centered care models which preserve consumer choice and self -directed supports and services.

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AHI Opposes Attempts to Create New Regulations on Pharmacy Benefits Managers

Recently, we became aware that the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin is suggesting that within the biennial budget bill, Wisconsin impose sweeping new regulations on the Pharmacy Benefits Manager industry.  Pharmacy Benefits Managers are innovative and effective cost control techniques which should be encouraged, not discouraged.  View the PDF


AHI Policy Agenda 2015 2016 Legislative Session

The availability of affordable health insurance providing cost effective access to quality health care is vitally important to the citizens of Wisconsin. A vibrant health insurance industry, supporting a competitive market, can help control costs and increase quality while providing thousands of family supporting jobs in our state. However, Wisconsin must maintain a balanced regulatory environment in order to achieve these objectives. View the PDF


AHI Final Report on 2013-2014 Legislative Session

The current legislative session began in January of 2013 and concluded with the last general business session on April 1 2014. More than 1600 bills were introduced, a number of which had implications for the health insurance industry. AHI actively lobbied on numerous proposals, some of which were industry initiatives while others were the initiatives of provider groups or other advocacy organizations. Below is a summary of the most significant issues actively lobbied by AHI during the 2013-­‐14 session. View the PDF